• At the turn of July and August 2017 we installed and commissioned Wenzel LH87, the 3D coordinate measuring machine with a measuring range of  800x1500x700 mm and the latest SW version, Metrosoft QUARTIS R15. It is the state-of-the-art 3D measuring technology that allows for us to bring better quality and higher efficiency to our production process and, as a result, our products.
  • Our new 3D measuring machine, Wenzel LH87, offers high mechanical precision, perfect ergonomics and dynamics. This new machine generation is equipped with a new incremental metering system that is extremely resistant to impurities. This achieves the accurate evaluation of position and stability while keeping a high speed in all the three axes.
  • The features mentioned above, intelligent software, and accessories place these machines to the TOP rank.

Properties and advantages

  • identical material in all the three axes under thermal load ensures the inner accuracy of the new LH generation
  • high resolution of the rulers assures precision results
  • accurate touch on the free shapes and geometric elements with the innovative sensor technology
  • intelligent algorithms and the network technology assure a very high baud rate of high data volumes
  • guideways of X-axis and Y-axis are precision protected against damage and contamination
  • the innovative driving system  and mounting of all the axes guarantee a low wear of the basic material
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